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EagleRidge Technologies, Inc., Rockwood, TN

  • Systems architecture, design and development consulting
  • Ontology, RDF, OWL, graph theory, set theory, formal languages theory consulting
  • Project management consulting
  • Neural net applications and research
  • Design and execution of airborne systems test and evaluation under simulated combat conditions.
  • Design and implementation of simulations and models used to supplement test and evaluation
  • Preparation of VV&A documentation for accreditation of models and simulations.
  • Custom Programming in .NET, Microsoft Access, Java, PHP, Google Maps API, and more
  • Data Recovery Services
  • Programmers--Need help with a project? A bit of code? Design help? Many languages and development systems supported.  
  • Web Programming, consulting, search engine submittal service
  • E-Commerce consulting
  • Technical Writing and Editing
  • Course Development (both distance learning and traditional)
  • Training in industry and graduate level, in Software Engineering, Systems Design & Development, Object-Oriented Design, UML and CASE tools, Enterprise Design...

EagleRidge Technologies NEWS:

December 2011: Ertin.com not associated in any way with Huntsville, AL group.
Please note we are a Delaware corporation with an office in Tennessee. We are in no way associated with nor responsible for any actions or obligations of persons in Alabama or elsewhere using our corporate name nor the name of our late co-founder, William McCumber.

April 2010: Websites using new engine.
A number of websites are using code licensed from us, including West Roane County Volunteer Fire Department. Two of the latest are Rockwood Ministerial Association, Genessee Medical Group.

November 2009: RoaneTNHistory.org site publishing more online books.
The RoaneTNHistory.org team is working on an annotated edition of Foote's Sketches of Virginia, Book 1.

March 2009: RoaneTNHistory.org site set to publish another online book.
The RoaneTNHistory.org team is putting the finishing touches on Snowden's "History of North and South America."

May 2008: Dr. Breitler Publishes Another Paper, Is Developing and Teaching More Courses
Dr. Alan L. Breitler just returned from a trip to Florida where he videotaped 14 lectures for a new online course at Florida Institute of Technology. He also just finished helping develop a new Java (CMIS141) course for UMUC) that he is teaching this summer. He has four online courses going. In addition, Dr. Breitler's article on de Sequeyra was accepted for publication in the Southern Jewish Historical Journal.

April 2008: RoaneTNHistory.org site set to publish fifth online book in two years.
The RoaneTNHistory.org team is putting the finishing touches on Hariot's "A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia," published with engravings by de Bry in 1590.

Spring 2007: Dr. Breitler teaching 5 classes this term
Dr. Alan L. Breitler is teaching 5 classes this term, including Advanced Cryptography, Network Engineering, and others. 

1-16-2007: Joint INCOSE-IEEE Seminar at Univ. of Alabama at Huntsville
Dr. Alan L. Breitler was the featured speaker at a research seminar sponsored jointly by the Huntsville IEEE Computer Society, the IEEE Controls Systems Society, and the Huntsville Regional Chapter of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). The topic was "An Alternative Approach to Improvement of Neural Network Performance."

11-6-2006: Paper published

Dr. Alan L. Breitler and C. Sloan are co-authors of a  paper
accepted for publication at the Artificial Neural Networks in Engineering (ANNIE) 2006 Conference held in St. Louis, MO, Nov. 5 - 8, 2006. The paper title is "An Alternative Approach to Improvement of Neural Net Performance."

03-2006: Awards for Outstanding Use of Technology
C. Sloan and G. Anne Sloan have each been presented with individual Awards for Outstanding Use of Technology by the Tennessee State Daughters of the American Revolution (TNDAR) for design and development of RoaneTNHistory.org.

12-7-2005: Paper published

Dr. Alan L. Breitler and C. Sloan are co-authors of a  paper published in the Proceedings of the  U.S. Air Force T&E Days conference of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) held December 6-8, 2005, in Nashville, TN. "USAF T&E Days... bring together test professionals at all levels to establish a framework for collaboration as a test and evaluation enterprise." The paper title is System Reliability Prediction: towards a General Approach Using a Neural Network. Dr. Breitler presented the paper.

09-17-2005: New look for Best-Phone.com
Best-Phone.com communications e-commerce site site has a fresh new look.

7-10-2005: New automation and security e-commerce sites launched.

07-20-2004: New corporate President announced
EagleRidge Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce the appointment of our new corporate President, Dr. Alan L. Breitler.

Dr. Breitler, who also teaches computer science in the Florida Institute of Technology's Patuxent Graduate Center, has been researching and developing applications of artificial neural networks to problems in systems engineering. Also for several years he has taught an annual seminar on the verification, validation, and accreditation of software for the International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA).

Recently, in June 2004, he delivered a paper (co-authored with V.P. C. Sloan) at the 2004 International Symposium of the International Council of Systems Engineers (INCOSE) on the use of neural networks to predict the reliability of complex systems.

Dr. Breitler was formerly with the Federal Aviation Administration (to 1994) and the Center for Naval Analyses (to 2001). His experience includes classroom and web-based instruction in computer science (software engineering, information security, programming), analyses and simulation of air traffic, design of commercial routing and delivery systems, and analyses of test and evaluation procedures as the Center for Naval Analyses field representative to the Air Test and Evaluation Squadron ONE at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland . Dr. Breitler earned his Ph.D. from Catholic University

06-30-2004: Papers presented at Systems Engineering conference
C. Sloan is co-author of two papers that were presented for publication in the Proceedings of the  International Council on Systems Engineering at their annual symposium in June, 2004, in Toulouse, France. The papers are A Systems Engineering Approach to Information Assurance with Kim Taylor and Predicting the Reliability of a Complex System Using an Artificial Neural Network with Dr. Alan L. Breitler. The papers were  respectively presented by Kim Taylor and Dr. Breitler.

02-16-2004: Rational Certification
EagleRidge Technologies, Inc., consultant C. Sloan has received the title of "Rational Certified Consultant" on the Rational Unified Process (RUP). "The RUP certification demonstrates understanding of the Rational Best Practices and the disciplines, the concepts, and organizational structures of the Rational Unified Process knowledge base." Rational makes CASE and productivity tools and is owned by IBM.

10-27-2003: GeneralNumbers.com launched:
EagleRidge Technologies, Inc., announces a new site, GeneralNumbers.com, devoted to discrete math and to mathematics education.

7-30-2003: In Memoriam: Dr. William H. McCumber, 1934—2003.  It is with deep regret and sorrow that we announce the death of Dr. William H. McCumber, president of EagleRidge Technologies, Inc.. Dr. McCumber died peacefully July 20, 2003 after a short illness. He was a truly great systems engineer, educator, and leader.  More...

7-1-2003: C. Sloan, our VP, co-authored a paper at the International Council of Systems Engineers (INCOSE) annual conference, titled, Repeating Design Errors, or Where's the History, with Randall Bennett.

1-11-2003: MemoryEagle.com launched. EagleRidge Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce the opening of the latest member of its e-commerce website family, MemoryEagle.com, A Crucial Technology Affiliate. MemoryEagle specializes in offering consumers the best deals in factory-direct brand-name computer memory products.

McCumber and Sloan win Best Paper Award. 8/2002: EagleRidge Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce that Educating Systems Engineers: Encouraging Divergent Thinking, a paper by Dr. William McCumber and C. Sloan, won the Best Paper Award for the Education and Research track at the annual meeting of the International Council on Systems Engineering in early August. C. Sloan and Dr. McCumber also co-authored another paper at the same conference, Additional Systems Engineering Roles, with Kenneth Kyler.

Syri Press announces eBook offerings, plans for first print versions. 6/15/2002: Syri Press, a division of EagleRidge Technologies, is pleased to announce the second quarter publication of two new college-level instructional e-books: Professor Roberta Bush's "Beginning Web Development Notes"  and "Systems Engineering Notes," by William McCumber and C. Sloan. These will be first available as e-Books in June, with print versions to follow. For more information on availability and distribution, email info @ syripress.com for details.

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