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  1. Models and Simulations:
    • Design and execution of airborne systems test and evaluation under simulated combat conditions.
    • Design and implementation of simulations and models used to supplement test and evaluation.
    • Preparation of VV&A documentation for accreditation of models and simulations.
  2. "Programmer's Help Desk" and Team Leader/"Programmer's Supervisor" Services:
    Keep your programmers on track and in line with our expert part-time very senior-level supervision and technical leadership. Very cost-effective.
  3. Custom Programming and Design:
    • Microsoft applications:
      • Microsoft Access
      • Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (used in many applications including Word and Excel)
      • Microsoft Visual Basic
      • Microsoft SQL Server
      • Active Server Pages (VBScript)
      • Windows API programming and Windows DLLs
      • Visual C++
    • Web consulting, design, programming, and graphics:
      • Server-side & database scripting
      • Client-side: HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, Java applets, ActiveX, animations...
      • Intranet and Internet
      • XML
      • E-commerce
      • Search engine ranking and submittal services
    • Product design and development:
      • Real-time systems
      • Monitoring systems
      • Medical instrumentation
      • Aerospace instrumentation
      • Database systems
  4. Software design and development consulting
  5. Technical writing and editing
  6. Data Recovery Services (in association with Seagate Data Recovery Services and Ontrack Data Recovery Services (1-800-872-2599, Partner ID 3190376).
  7. Course development and teaching (systems engineering, software engineering, programming, project management, UML/OO design, applications):
    • Web-based
    • Text-based
    • Classroom

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