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EagleRidge Technologies' Favorite Links -- Software Engineering /  UML

Software Engineering
  • Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie-Mellon University: top SEI site.     http://www.sei.cmu.edu
  • Object-Oriented Design and Unified Modeling Language (UML):
    • OO FAQ--Last updated 1996 but still useful.  here.
    • Software Engineering Institute (SEI) on object-oriented design--Good overview with links to relevant sources.  here.
    • Software Engineering Institute's complete "Software Technology Review" topic list--Excellent source of software engineering information, and links to source materials, on over 60 software engineering topics, including COTS, OOD, and much, much more.  http://www.sei.cmu.edu/str/descriptions/
    • Object Management Group (OMG)--Nonprofit specification development organization. Has UML, CORBA, etc., specs. Definitely recommended.  http://www.omg.org/
    • Short slide show on UML, giving a brief overview: here.
    • Rational Rose student or evaluation editions--Download popular modeling software in an up-to-date full-featured 20-day evaluation version. Also has a good UML bibliography.  Warning: While most students have been able to try this software without problems, a few have reported installation or usage difficulties, ranging from crashes to WebTycho incompatibilities.
    • Visual UML modeling software home page and evaluation copies--Download from this page (a 14MB download).
    • Free UML Seminar on CD-ROM from Rational Rose.   here.
    • UML 1.3 specification--this 800+-page document is required reading for the fall and spring terms; this is the ultimate place to look up UML details:    http://www.rational.com/uml/index.jtmpl
    • UML Simplifies Project Notation, in InfoWorld--a beginner's overview of where UML fits in the overall project management picture: here.

    Some sites relating to state diagrams in particular:

    • Definition of State Diagram: from FOLDOC.
    • A lecture and some recommended references on state diagrams: here.
    • Zip Code State Diagram: here.
    • Another perspective relating some UML diagrams, including STDs: here.
    • Some SMTP state diagram examples: here.



  • Some URLs relating to development models, etc.:

    • The Spiral Model -- Not the horse's mouth, but good spiral model info and references:  here.
    • Paper, on the new spiral model from Boehm: "A Collaborative Spiral Software Process Model Based on Theory W," Boehm et al, here in .pdf format.
    • Paper: "Developing Multimedia Applications with the Win-Win Spiral Model," by Boehm et al: here.
    • What's the Spiral Model? in the comp.software-eng FAQ at faqs.org.  The comp.software-eng FAQ, as well as the entire faqs.org site, are good starting points when looking for information.  At faqs.org you'll find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on just about every subject.
    • "Anchoring the Software Process," Boehm, November 1995. "An abridged version appears in IEEE Software, July 1996."


Every effort is made to keep these links up-to-date.

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